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In a Westworld town

I've tried something new: to watch a tv show before it gets into its fifth season or is long gone. Discovering series that ended years ago has advantages - if anyone still remembers it, it had to be good (hello, Life on Mars!), but after all this time it's hard to find someone who'd like to talk about it. So I decided to start watching Westworld, a production that's only two episodes old and in terms of popularity, is said to be a new Game of Thrones (which I don't watch).

(click to see a bigger picture - the details are impressive!)

No spoilery-spoilers below (we don't know any answers anyway), but if you don't want to know anything about the series, better stop reading.
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After all these years (Always), I may have finally found a way of dealing with[Harry Potter spoiler]~Fred's~death. This is my headcanon now.

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Sep. 25th, 2016

After months of set photos from Broadchurch, finally something new :) A photo of David Tennant from today, from Chiswick Dog Show where he was one of the judges. Love the hair, the beard, the profile. He doesn't look a day over thirty!

Click on the photo to get a bigger one. The photo's from here. There's more of them on the Internet but this one is so pretty I had to share it. I'd put it on my screen if it wasn't filled with icons :)

30 questions about Doctor Who - a meme

Two years in Doctor Who fandom, that requires some answers for basic questions. I thought 30 will do but if you want to ask me anything, don't hesitate. I love talking about Doctor Who.

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"The Exit" is a short film produced by Georgia Tennant with the Proclaimers' music in it. David's not in this one; I guess he could play Brian's Scottish friend but if we get Oliver Wood from Harry Potter instead, I'm fine with it :) The film is about Brexit and is written and directed by Daisy Aitkens.

By the way, she's doing "Fish without Bicycles" next year, starring David, Peter Davison (please, can we get one in-joke with those two?), Nina Sosanya (I lost track how many times she and David played together. Five, at least) and, because there's never too many Doctor Who actors, Ingrid Oliver (Osgood). And Richard Wilson who spoke so fondly about David in NTA Awards video - you may remember the moment when he says David makes every role he plays his own and (with bits from Doctor Who on screen) you feel like he was always meant to play that part (David must bave been so proud!). It's something I'm really interested in. Just after "Mad to be Normal", which posters have just been released. I'm still hoping for international screening.

Also, look who's on the cover of tenth(!) edition of "The Essential Theatre"! It's from 2009 but I've only seen the photo today. If they want to make a new edition, I'd suggest David's Richard II now ;)

The whole thing, meta called Few examples of returning themes in Doctor Who music can be founded here.

While listening to Doctor Who season 3 soundtrack on youtube, I checked the comments under “The Dream of a Normal Death”, and realised that this piece has been reused twice since season 3, both times in “Journey’s End”. I never noticed the music played in three powerful scenes was the same piece.

"The Dream of a Normal" Death composed by brilliant Murray Gold

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On 1st of April, I read that Andrew Scott was going to play Hamlet. I chose it as the best April Fools' joke made this year, considering the fact that a) it seems no year can pass without a new Hamlet version and b) tickets for the version with Benedict Cumberbatch have sold out in minutes so you can expect more versions with famous actors. The news was believable, and I had no doubt Andrew Scott could make a great Hamlet.

Except that yesterday, my friend messaged me and asked if I want to go to London and see Andrew as Hamlet next year. She had to give me a link to the theatre's site and everything because I didn't believe her (here it is, if anyone was interested). Apparently, it's all happening. Maybe we'll even go. Seriously, who announces news on April Fools' Day if they're true? :)

How I became a Whovian

Looking through my old entries, I found the one I (sort of) wrote about how I became a Doctor Who fan, and realised I never translate it into English. Then I wanted to share my story as a part of a Doctor Who meme I found a long time ago but I was never happy with all 30 answers and haven’t posted it yet. So, there it goes, a special entry for it, a new post because I can't write the same content twice. A year after I wrote my first LJ entry, in a journal that became very Doctor Who-centered. How I became a Whovian almost two years ago.

Let me see if I need warnings... The entry is a memory lane and consists of feelings and reactions, so hello, subjectivity! Spoilers about the plot of season six, Donna's fate and when the Doctors regenerated.

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David Tennant is a Doctor (of Drama)!

Today David Tennant received a honorary degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (former Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, where he studied 25 years ago). He became a Doctor of Drama. Picspam and links under the cut!
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A thought about DW season 9 finale

I rewatched season 9 finale of Doctor Who recently and had a thought. Spoilers for "Hell Bent", obviously.

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