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Sherlock 4x03 "The Final Problem"

Sherlock 4x03 "The Final Problem". SPOILERS.

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Sherlock 4x02 "The Lying Detective"

Random thoughts about Sherlock 4x02 "The Lying Detective". SPOILERS.

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About common and decimal fractions

A long time ago I was determined to watch every interview with David Tennant so I listened to Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show few times. Once there was a conversation among the hosts (David wasn’t there yet) about common fractions and why are they still being taught at schools. It started with Christian talking about how he was helping, or trying to help, his daughter with her homework the day before and soon we learned that neither of the hosts was able to express 6.85 as a common fraction. Then David came and was asked the question. He easily answered it's six and eighty-five hundredths, and started to divide 85 and 100 by five but had a little problem with it without a piece of paper. Before the topic was finally abandoned, one of the hosts asked: what do we even need common fractions for, in a decimal, computerised world?

(as usual, click on pictures for sources)

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End of Fannish Year Meme 2016

Welcome to this year's end of fannish year meme!

End of Fannish Year Meme 2016

1. Your main fandom of the year?

This (I should probably start writing last) year was about meeting Doctor Who fans in real life. In March, fans from all parts of Poland gathered in Cracow for the first Whomanikon, and even the TARDIS appeared. The second edition is said to last two days, yay! I attended few local meetings as well, and I managed to win a DW quiz, taste fish fingers and custard (they taste surprisingly good) and run through the city with other fans to get a photo of the Autons shop dummies or Vashta Nerada our shadows in a library.

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Christmas with Hugh Grant

I've recently watched Bridget Jones 3 at the cinema and realised I couldn't remember the previous two so I thought Christmas would be a good time for a rewatch (later, it turned out that I didn't see the second one before so that's a good reason for not remembering it). I discovered an equation: Alcohol + Daniel Cleaver = I need more Hugh Grant in my life, so I watched some more films. Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill were out because I watched them not that long ago.

Look, there's someone who haven't seen most of my movies yet.
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My thoughts on The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Spoilers.

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David Tennant is Scrooge McDuck ;)

David Tennant is going to be Scrooge McDuck in new Duck Tales. Here's the cast singing the intro, and some fanarts have already been made:

(EDIT: Look at this!)

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A little music game

How good are your music skills? Can you detect a song's tempo? I propose a little game.

How to do it:
1. Choose a song and play it. Best stick to songs that are quite popular.
2. Go to http://www.tempotap.com. While the song's playing, use the space key to tap what you think it's the song's rhythm. Do it for at least ten seconds to get an accurate result. You'll get your approximation of the song's tempo in beats per minute.
3. Go to http://www.songbpm.com and type the song's title and singer. You'll get the song's actual tempo in beats per minute. If the song's not in the base, choose another one and do it again.
4. How close were you?

I found the site from point 3 and was surprised that "Eyes on Fire", a song I considered slow, had 145 beats/min, while "Take on me" was apparently 84 (only later I found out some songs had two values and the second was the first one doubled, so "Take on me" was also labeled with 169 beats/min). I wanted to check if I can feel a song's rhythm and did a test for ten songs. This is my result, if you're interested. I did well with most songs, sometimes I detected twice as fast tempo as was given on the site. I believed in my elementary music skills again ;)

Feel free to share your experiences!

A long time ago, I declared I'd share on this journal everything I'd find interesting, so this is a rare exception from writing about Doctor Who. I chose songs randomly, however, you can find: a) a song that was in Doctor Who, b) a song that was in a production with David Tennant. I can't get away from them ;)


The Doctor uses the Moment - my vision

This is my vision (imagination, headcanon) of the Doctor during the Time War and using the Moment.

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