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Sherlock 4x01 "The Six Thatchers"

Sherlock 4x01 "The Six Thatchers". SPOILERS.

After the Special, I didn't have high expectations about the episode, and I ended up enjoying it. Only later I found out how low my expectations really were. There wasn't even one scene I'd be deeply moved by, like the one when Sherlock loses and shoots Magnussen or breaks Irene's code, and I can list some meaningful scenes even from the Special. So was "The Six Thatchers" better than "The Abominable Bride" just for not having annoying moments and having a more or less sensible plot?

Speaking of the plot, I don't think it's wise to discuss it before the next episode, and possible even the finale, airs. Mary's death looked so surreal that I refuse to believe it's what's happened. The deed itself - putting yourself in the way of the bullet to save the Hero - is a cliche, and the way the scene was done, with slow motion and a long speech before dying is even a bigger one. Besides, come on. We all know who wrote the next episode and (SPOILER for Doctor Who season 9 finale!)[Spoiler (click to open)]last year, that person made a dead character come back and leave with her own TARDIS.
My current theory is that what we've seen is the official story and Mary lives but she can never return to the UK. It would make her a third Sherlock character who faked his death (I think Moriarty is truly dead) but hey, Steven Moffat loves that trope so much he even used it in Doctor Who. Twice*. On the other hand, something tells me the whole thing's real but I don't want to listen to that voice for now.

Mary. I don't have a problem with her shooting Sherlock in "His Last Vow". I have a problem with her going to do it again, this time with the intention to kill, and only Sherlock's precaution saved him. Not only she was okay with killing a good, innocent man to protect her secret (that would only make her another River Song, a "psychopath" who can love unconditionally), but she was ready to kill her husband's best friend, so even her love for John is selfish. I really didn't know how I was supposed to like her anymore. In "The Six Thatchers", she doesn't feel like she regrets anything of her past or even thinks how she put John and her little daughter in an enormous risk, and it's ridiculous that she "becomes a hero" by saving Sherlock who, let's say it, wouldn't be in that situation if it wasn't for her. Sherlock, by the way, in this episode looks more like a prisoner of his promise than a loving person who tries to help). I think it would be a fair punishment if she had to leave the country and never contact her family again, and that was my main idea for the resolution of Mary's story. The other one was to make her worth saving, to show she has some morals after all or is capable of sacriface. But not like that.

I have to say John's affair seemed out of character to me. I can imagine him being unfaintful, but not like this, when he's just become a father, with a random woman on the bus, and text messages. (I said random, but of course she's not random, and I only hope she's not "the other one" and John "chose her" because he misses Sherlock.) Guilt makes his anger and blaming Sherlock for what happened to Mary more understandable (he doesn't believe Sherlock is a god who can do anything anymore, does he? It's weird Sherlock does, after what's happened with Magnussen! He lost and was to be killed!), but still, I don't like how it's been done.

Oh, so the scene with Toby wasn't a dream or mind palace. It was real. But beside Mary's "death", there were scenes when something was odd. Scenes with water. Precognition, that's something new.

Thank you, Mark, for no stupid "Sherlock can't take care of a baby" scenes. I'm surprised how well the baby fitted in the story - it was there, but it didn't make John or Mary stay at home. I was afraid it'd feel as a burden but the deal with Sherlock solving cases with whoever of the Watsons was free at that time was working.

It was good to see Lady Smallwood again. What else does Mycroft accuse her of? Is it something with "the other one"? Speaking of familiar faces, where's Anderson? I hope he'll show up and Donovan as well. It looks like everyone is consulting Sherlock now, not just Lestrade. Oh that time when he had to explain and even lie about Sherlock's help!

Does Mycroft know the story about the meeting in Sumatra Samarra from Vivian, or just everyone knows it?

I was certain the first episode wouldn't be about Moriarty, so I'm okay to wait up to the finale for explanation. One thing I didn't like is that Sherlock says he knows exactly what Moriarty is going to do next, and Moffat and Gatiss kept saying it for three years, and suddenly Sherlock not only waits for Moriarty's move but says he has no idea what that move is going to be.

Sherlock and a therapist might be a nice symmetry but looks out of character.

Oh, there was a scene that made me really feel Sherlock's back again. That one when Sherlock makes up things about the client's wife, and the intro of "How it was done" (played in "The Empty Hearse" with the fake explanation of Sherlock's "death") is played. I liked that little nod, I always love music references.

*The second time with a whole planet.


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Jan. 4th, 2017 10:30 pm (UTC)
Mary. I don't have a problem with her shooting Sherlock in "His Last Vow". I have a problem with her going to do it again, this time with the intention to kill, and only Sherlock's precaution saved him.
Did I miss something? When did she do this??? She travelled halfway round the world to get away from them and keep them safe whilst attempting to sort out her past.
Jan. 4th, 2017 10:48 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I wrote it like it was in "The Six Thatchers". I meant the scene in "The Last Vow", too, after Sherlock escapes from the hospital.
Jan. 5th, 2017 01:30 pm (UTC)
Ah! That makes more sense.

And I don't know that she would actually have killed him, but considering the way he was playing her at that point, I can understand her being jittery.

(Disclaimer: have not watched that episode in years, so memory is fuzzy.)
Jan. 6th, 2017 10:09 pm (UTC)
Sherlock believes she would - that's why he makes sure John finds out as soon as possible. I believe the final conclusion depends on the interpretation of Amanda's acting when Mary says there's nothing she wouldn't do to stop John from finding out about her past. I believe her. Someone else can say she was just threatening Sherlock.
Maybe that was the original intention?
Jan. 9th, 2017 01:31 pm (UTC)
I would have to re-watch the episode before I could give you my take...
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