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Sherlock 4x02 "The Lying Detective"

Random thoughts about Sherlock 4x02 "The Lying Detective". SPOILERS.

The music was a bit like in Doctor Who... or is it just me?

In the original story, Holmes faked his illness and didn't want Watson near him because he'd have noticed Sherlock wasn't ill and spoiled everything. Here, Sherlock's state is real and Sherlock's plan actually depends on John seeing it. But John doesn't believe what he sees and for the long time he thinks it's a trick. In fact, why wouldn't he? I mean, how can you actually believe in anything Sherlock says after he faked his own death? Me not believing in any death in a series ran by Steven Moffat is exactly the same thing.

I'm not thrilled by the episode's villain or rather the fact that he was written as "a bad guy worse than previous bad guys". We already had the worst criminal, Moriarty, then we had the one Sherlock hates most, Magnussen, and the more Moffat tries to describe Mr. Smith as even worse, the more irritating it is. Smith is very good as a regular villain, but he isn't Moriarty or Magnussen so stop comparing him to them.

I can’t believe I guessed "the other one". "Sister" was the first thing I thought of when the whole debate about the secret brother started, and when John was immediately attracted to the woman in the bus, I was hoping it wouldn't be explained by her being a Holmes. I also mistook the daughter for the psychiatrist when she entered the mortuary.

Sherlock's plan seemed... random. After John failed to notice Sherlock's state and then ignored it, I've no idea how he expected John to find out about the danger and come to the hospital. Also, I didn’t like Mary behaving like she knew everything about John. And Faith came to Sherlock three years after the meeting... why, exactly?

On the other hand, the way Sherlock handled suidical "Faith" makes me think of how he grew as a person. In those scenes, he was like Holmes in Doyle's stories. Which brings us to...

...visual effects, finally! I loved the effects with the window, chalk, slow motion and everything – in the previous episode we had only few such things and I missed them. It's the series' trademark.

I missed Sherlock being an actor, too. The boot was mean is going to be one of my favourite lines. Not as big fan of Mrs. Hudson as everyone else, but it's nice she gave John the car.

So after he married Mary, John isolated himself from Sherlock enough for some people to not have heard about him. Sad, but hey, his choice.

Why is it Myfroft's fault that Sherlock had a video from Mary? I waited so long for the context for "get out of my house, you reptile" and I don't get it.

Irene. *sighs* For a moment, I thought John would blame Sherlock for being able to save Irene and not saving Mary. But no, we had a typical Moffat's moment with words "psychopath" and "relationship". Why is Irene called "mad"? And, for Mycroft's sake, why would anyone think Sherlock and Irene want a relationship? Please, Mr. Moffat, just don't mention Irene again and don't ruin my favourite "Scandal in Belgravia".

On the other hand, Mycroft and lady Smallwood. <3

The hug. Finally. And Sherlock admitting John is a human. I still didn't buy his text affair though.

John has "friends" he can leave Rosie with. How very convenient. I'm guessing it's Mike Stamford.

Cereal killer, seriously? Dexter did the joke years ago. Oh, I miss Dexter. To be precise, I miss the seasons when it was good.

Where is Anderson? Seriously, if I'm not going to see him in the finale, I'm organizing a protest. I'd like to see Donovan, too. Maybe Anderson is going to be revealed as a fourth Holmes brother. If people stop counting after three...

When Smith talks about the queen being a serial killer, he says he doesn't mean Her Majesty. Does he mean... Mycroft?

The stream of consciousness doesn't bring me to any conclusions, except the fact that it wasn't Moffat either best or worst episode, the plot has some weak links but also some nice ideas, and the most important thing is the fact that John and Sherlock are back together. I still believe Moffat and Gatiss can do better, though.