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Serialcon 2017

This entry is entirely in Polish. For an English relation about the most interesting part of the festival, go here.


Po ostatnim Serialconie, po którym narzekałam, że "to już nie to samo, co kiedyś" - przy czym to "kiedyś" sięgało jedynie dwa lata wstecz - nie miałam zamiaru uczestniczyć w kolejnym, zwłaszcza, że niedawno zaliczyłam Whomanikon; ile razy można jeździć w tę i we w tę do Krakowa? Po czym ogłoszono, że gośćmi Serialconu 2017 będą James Moran i Toby Whithouse, scenarzyści Doktora Who. No trzeba było zbierać manatki i jechać. A jak już zajrzałam w program, to się okazało, że impreza trwa trzy dni i jak już jadę we wtorek, to może by zaliczyć jeszcze poniedziałek?

Program pomięty, znaczy - używany. Podobno mieli też książeczki z programem, ale gdy przybyłam, już im się skończyły

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Meeting James Moran and Toby Whithouse

James Moran and Toby Whithouse were in Poland! They came for Serialcon, and there were several panels with them. I went to two: a panel called "Inside Doctor Who" with both of them and Tom de Ville (who's a writer and a Doctor Who fan), and a panel with Toby Whithouse about writing supernatural creatures and writing in general.

(If you didn't watch the trailer after s10e01, don't open the spoiler cut)

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Recently watched

Exile - Paul Abbott's mini-series with John Simm, Olivia Colman and Jim Broadbent (aka the Master, Ellie Miller and Horace Slughorn) playing a family. Also, the Master's Simm's best friend is played by Ricky Gillespie from Broadchurch 2. It shouldn't be so much fun to see actors I know from various tv series playing together, but it still is :) There's nothing original about the plot, just a family drama with a twist or two, but with such cast, it was a pleasant evening.

Chewing Gum - a sitcom that is actually funny. A 24 year old girl, raised up in an extremely religious family, decides to lose her virginity, and it turns out not to be as easy as it sounds. I read it was written by Michaela Coel, the actress who plays the main character and was ony 27 when she wrote it. It's fresh, a little absurd and surprisingly warm.

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors aka The Episode of Rassilon - I had great expectations about that episode and it was fun, but I don't think it was as good as The Three Doctors. The main reason, I think, was the fact that the Doctors were kept apart from each other for most of the time. Why bring them back then? Two remains my favourite Classic Who Doctor so far (although Four is almost there and I haven't met Six yet), and from my first encounter with Five (beside "Time Crash", of course) Tegan was the best thing so I don't know what it says about him. But I will be watching more episodes with Five. Rassilon looks so... not majestic and powerful (I'm afraid no one can top Timothy Dalton). Why is everything called "X of Rassilon"? It makes the episode perfect for a drinking name though - you just drink when Rassilon's name is mentioned.

None of this brings me to any conclusion, so catch a quote from Chewing Gum instead.

Some Doctor Who links

Peter Capaldi was asked about the Doctor's name, and here's what he's answered.

“I don’t think human beings could even really say his name. But I think we might be able to hear it. At a certain frequency.
“If the stars are in the right place, and your heart’s in the right place, you’ll hear it,” he concluded, to loud applause.

It reminded me of my favourite Doctor Who fan theory which says the Doctor's name is the oooooo-weeeeeeee-ooooooo from the intro. We already know the Master heard a Time Lord's heartbeat in the vortex, so it would make sense if the intro was the TARDIS flying through the vortex, accompanied by the Doctor's heartbeat and his name. You know, hidden in a plain sight and everything. And never revealed. I like it as a fan theory.

Now, completely unrelated: did you see those Doctor Who comedy sketches on youtube? They're fantastic, so well acted and making very good points!
Companion swap - This is how we say goodbye! Don't open the window, they can't afford it! I don't think I ever needed a word ROTFL more.
Timelord Retirement Club - The person who's doing Ten is marvellous! And look at angry Nine! Aww, the Doctor's making fun of each other lines, don't listen to them, Nine. And of course it's Four who does the welcoming.
The Unsung Hero aka A tribute for Brigadier. Suddenly I feel like shooting something...
The Scottish Doctors - The best idea for a misson for Scottish Doctors ever :) Also, if you wanted to know how to change the laws of physics, there's an answer. The man who plays Twelve reminds me of David Morrisey.
Calls to the Past - Eleven, best! Whaaaat? And Four's voice! That second call really exposes how stupid the original call was.

There's more, but I feel those are best ones. What a talented bunch of people, fans!


Listening to "The Christmas Invasion" commentary...

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Doctor Who s10e02 "Smile"

Doctor Who s10e02 "Smile". Spoilers.

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Best of Whomanikon 2017

*** Polish report about the event here ***

You'd ask a random person in Poland about Doctor Who, they wouldn't know it. But, those who know it love it very much. So much that they meet once a year and talk about it. It's called Whomanikon.

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Doctor Who s10e01

My reaction to Doctor Who s10e01, contains spoilers.

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Peter Capaldi and Graham Norton Show

Doctor Who speculation, contains spoilers to this season's trailer.

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I don't think I've told you how I became a Whovian. Sure, I watched some episodes, liked the Doctor, loved Ten, but it was after "Gridlock" when I realised I'm a proper Whovian, because with that episode, Doctor Who touched my soul deeply.
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