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End of Fannish Year Meme 2016

Welcome to this year's end of fannish year meme!

End of Fannish Year Meme 2016

1. Your main fandom of the year?

This (I should probably start writing last) year was about meeting Doctor Who fans in real life. In March, fans from all parts of Poland gathered in Cracow for the first Whomanikon, and even the TARDIS appeared. The second edition is said to last two days, yay! I attended few local meetings as well, and I managed to win a DW quiz, taste fish fingers and custard (they taste surprisingly good) and run through the city with other fans to get a photo of the Autons shop dummies or Vashta Nerada our shadows in a library.

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Christmas with Hugh Grant

I've recently watched Bridget Jones 3 at the cinema and realised I couldn't remember the previous two so I thought Christmas would be a good time for a rewatch (later, it turned out that I didn't see the second one before so that's a good reason for not remembering it). I discovered an equation: Alcohol + Daniel Cleaver = I need more Hugh Grant in my life, so I watched some more films. Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill were out because I watched them not that long ago.

Look, there's someone who haven't seen most of my movies yet.
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My thoughts on The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Spoilers.

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David Tennant is Scrooge McDuck ;)

David Tennant is going to be Scrooge McDuck in new Duck Tales. Here's the cast singing the intro, and some fanarts have already been made:

(EDIT: Look at this!)

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The Doctor uses the Moment - my vision

This is my vision (imagination, headcanon) of the Doctor during the Time War and using the Moment.

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I've just listened to "The End of Time" commentary with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner on the BBC's site.

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Doctor Strange is not for me

My thoughts about Doctor Strange. There are spoilers as elements of the plot, but nothing from the final hour.

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We need films about mathematicians

I've just watched The man who knew infinity. And while I've been oscilating between "this is nice", "is it true? I need to look it up" and "who cares about the war plot?", when it ended I only thought: we need films about mathematicians. "We" being mathematicians and mathematicians-to-be, at least.

Now move and let me see the blackboard.

(I stop talking about the film here. Sorry if you expected a review.)

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Title: Few remarks on Mathematics in Torchwood s01e12
Author: alumfelga

I'm a mathematician, and it means I always pause when I watch a film or a tv series and see an equation. It took me a bit longer to watch Torchwood's episode called "Captain Jack Harkness" (s01e12) with all those pauses. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, because it's a good episode with nice timey-wimey elements (I like how scenes with Tosh leaving messages for the team and scenes with Gwen and Owen looking for them intersect) and an emotional story for Jack. Its mathematics sucks, though.

SPOILERS to the episode s01e12. Please click on the pictures to get bigger ones.

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Don't hit the milk car

I rewatched Learners with David Tennant tonight. I remember not really liking it because of the ending. SPOILER:[Spoiler (click to open)]Suddenly Fiona loves Chris? They don't make a believable couple. Besides, Rose's dad Pete Bev's husband was the least supportive partner and the worst teacher I've ever seen and I'm not sure what I think of them staying together - an indication that something changed in their relationship would be nice. Because he believed in her driving skills only when she proved she had them, what when she decides to do something new in the future?But after I started my own journey with driving (haven't passed the exam yet), it was a completely different film to watch ;) Boring learner's comments below.

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