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Did you know?

Community did a Doctor Who parody/tribute: a sci-fi series called Inspector Spacetime exists in that world. The Inspector travels through time and space in a telephone box. Apparently, the character played by Danny Pudi is a fan of this series, just like Danny is a fan of Doctor Who, with David Tennant being his Doctor (amazing how much you can learn from Duck Tales interviews. He's also half-Polish and knows some Polish folk dances, but it's irrelevant here). He has his own scene as the Inspector. The joke goes on. In another episode, there's a convention, and Matt Lucas plays a superfan of the Inspector. Then the American version of Inspector Spacetime is created. You could tell it's American just from the light!

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DT is going to be busy

Well, he always is, but now we know what he'll be doing next!

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Duck Tales - woo hoo!

"Duck tales" were supposed to be something I'll watch purely for David Tennant. And then episode one was released and I already adore it.

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From the Classics: The Brain of Morbius

I found this channel on dailymotion with Classic Who episodes with English subtitles. I tried one (because the episodes' titles were in German, so I half expected German dubbing instead of promised subtitles - not that I know whether the Classics have ever been released in Germany), the one called The Brain of Morbius. Beside my brain associating it with Möbius, the story is famous for claiming William Hartnell's regeneration wasn't the Doctor's first, so I wanted to watch it.

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Running through London

2017 IAAF World Championships are in London. Guess who's watching the marathon for the first time! I have a map in my laptop and everything. Suddenly a two-hour running makes slightly more sense...

Galaxy Quest

I was certain I wrote about Galaxy Quest as soon as I watched it, but apparantly I didn't. So, here come my thoughts, I made a list.

(I suppose plot points count as spoilers, but it's not like the plot is the most important thing there, is it?)

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We'll know who the Thirteen Doctor is on Sunday! Watch the announcement here. (Look, there are even the cliffs from Broadchurch!)

To be honest, I started to wonder if Chibnall was planning to keep the new Doctor secret until December 25th; after the whole secrecy around Broachurch I could totally imagine the attempt. I don't know if it'd be successful, though, as there were so many leaks this year. Never mind though, Sunday.

What am I supposed to do until then?


A Harry Potter behind the scenes photo

Look at that! From Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. Here's the scene, if you don't remember it. Special effects, so complicated and inventive these days.

Doctor Who s10e12 "The Doctor Falls"

Doctor Who s10e12 "The Doctor Falls". Spoilers!

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