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"Stranger Things" Season 1

I guess when you hear about a tv series from many people, at some point you just have to give up and watch it. dieastra, it would probably last longer if you didn't bring up Sheriff Hopper's resemblance to Sheriff Kowalsky :)

The first season is only eight episodes and I loved the first three or four. The series is good to look at - the shots are carefully planned, the costumes and places take you back to the eighties, the narration is slow and the camera often shows the characters and their reactions, which is great because the actors do a very good performance, even the kids. I was attracted to the story right away. But now after the finale, when I think of the entire story, it feels a bit shallow and unsurprising. I know it was probably the point - I did some reading and know how much the series refers to the movies from the eighties - but one thing is to copy some characters and shots, and the other is to transform them somewhat. I always like when a trope, a line or a shot is not only taken from something else, but creatitively changed, twisted. So the story in "Stranger things" isn't its the best part and because it follows tropes and schemes I recognize despite not seeing that many 80's movies, the last episode was the least interesting one. You just know what you'll see. But I liked the kids, the sheriff, the scenery and the vibe, and after a short break, I'd give season 2 a chance.

Breaking Bad - what a ride!

Spoiler to s01e03, nothing more. I'd never spoil the entire Breaking Bad to anyone.

It took me about two weeks to watch 62 forty-five minute episodes of Breaking Bad. I haven't binge-watched a tv series for a very long time, but this time, I was hooked! To have to watch one episode of seasons one, two or five per week would be like torture. This series is incredible.

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Breaking Bad - just started

Me, reading about "Breaking Bad": It's a series about an underpaid chemistry teacher who starts producing and selling drugs. It's five seasons long, so I presume the main character gradually goes deeper into the criminal world, gets into bigger and bigger trouble, does other illegal things and, at some point, probably has to make some difficult choices...

Episode two: "So we flip the coin who's going to deal with a dead body and who's going to kill the other guy"

Boy, that escalated quickly!

(I only watched season 1, so no further spoilers, please!)


A lot was said about the newest Black Mirror episode (film?), "Bandersnatch", and now I got a chance to see it. Or should I say, play it? As everyone probably knows by now, it's an episode where you can make decisions for the main character and choose between two options multiple times through the story. In the beginning, you choose between two boxes of cereal or two music bands to listen to, but it escalates quickly and before you know, you choose between life and death. Or do you?

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Few things I've watched

I finally found more boring production with David Tennant than "Spies of Warsaw"! It's called "Bad Samaritan". It's supposed to be a thriller about two bulglars who break into a wrong man's house; the man is a psycho and wants to teach them a lesson. The movie's fine for about fifteen minutes - there's suspense, disturbing music and a surprising reveal, and then... nothing. I didn't care about any character, the plot wasn't interesting at all and even David barely kept my attention. I spent the last minutes reading an article on my phone. I hope David Tennant's luck for good productions hasn't run out, as I heard "Camping" was bad, too. For now, I don't feel like finding it out myself.

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Merry Christmas!

I'll be back, but for now,
Merry Christmas!
There are people in Doctor Who fandom who don't like the Tenth Doctor's last line. They say they don't like the way he left. Well, let me tell you few words about it.

First, you have to accept that, at least for the Tenth Doctor, regeneration is death. Stop thinking of other regeneration scenes and think of the process itself. We can see the Doctor is a different person each time. The other characters also form a different relationships with him. His physical appearance, personality, morals, feelings, everything we associate with a person changes. The only things that remain are memories and some basic features, like his will to travel. For some people, it's enough to come to terms he's the same person even when he's not. Now, Time Lords are normally less disturbed with regeneration than humans, as it's natural for them and not for us. But - Tenth Doctor was more human than his other versions. He had more human feelings and needs

Now I want to say why I love the "I don't want to go" line so much. We have no doubt the Doctor doesn't regret saving Wilf; he wasn't forced to do it and he'd do it again. He knows his death had a purpose. Then he accepted his fate. He had a chance to say goodbye to his friends and he did a final favour for each of them. He had everything you could wish for death, at least in storytelling, right? He should regenerate in peace. But - I don't think it works that way. You might be heroic and selfless, you might make brave decisions and accept universal laws, but at the end of the day, you still cling to life. It's instinct, we want to live. There's no way to know if there's anything else after death.

And the Tenth Doctor had a complicated relationship with life. With Rose, his sheer existence made him happy. Yes, he had darker moments, but you could tell he was a man who loved being alive, even if he was somewhat delusional about his future with Rose. Then things went worse and worse. He was close to suicide once; he shouted to the Daleks to kill him; he told Jackson Lake he had no one to live for; he was ready to sacrifice his life several times and only other people's sacrifices saved him. Of course, between those things, he could still enjoy a trip to a different planet, he'd still show off to his companions. But dying wasn't an abstract thought for him and there were moments in his life when dying would be less tragic and more like taking pain and burden of his shoulders. He found peace, we would say on those occasions.

But if the Tenth Doctor regenerated that way - in peace - it would mean that he lost. That he stopped struggling and fighting for life, and gave up. It would be so much more depressing than his despair, because it would mean he was permanently broken and destroyed, and if the Doctor's will to live, that basic instinct, was destroyed, well, what chances do we stand? I find it comforting that the Doctor, despite having a meaningful, but hard life, a purposeful death and time to see his friends for the last time still wants to live.
'You know, you sound a very educated man for a barbarian,' said Rincewind.
'Oh, dear me, I didn't start out a barbarian. I used to be a school teacher. That's why they call me Teach.'
'What did you teach?'
'Geography. And I was very interested in Auriental studies. But I decided to give it up and make a living by the sword.'
'After being a teacher all your life?'
'It did mean a change of perspective, yes.'
'But... well... surely... the privation, the terrible hazards, the daily risk of death...'
Mr Saveloy brightened up. 'Oh, you've been a teacher, have you?'

Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times


We have a trailer! And a look at the new sonic screwdriver! And some info from Chris! No premiere date yet, that's sad.

I don't think a spoiler warning applies here. It's Chibnall.
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Doctor Who series 11 trailer

We have a teaser!

Okay, it doesn't say much. But what struck me is how it is not about saving the world or the Doctor herself. We see the Doctor with the future companions's eyes, and it's ceratainly more RTD's style than Moffat's. I never liked it when the focus was directly on the Doctor. We're clearly past the "last of the Time Lords" era, and we're past the "centre of the universe" era, and in the teaser new viewers will see that the Doctor is mysterious, can play with time and likes to laugh - that's a nice starting point.

I also like how warm the light and the colours are. It was a good thing in series 10 to get rid of those dark mood of series 8 and 9, and with a new logo I can only be happy the change's doing to last.