July 16th, 2019

koniec psot

"Stranger Things" Season 1

I guess when you hear about a tv series from many people, at some point you just have to give up and watch it. dieastra, it would probably last longer if you didn't bring up Sheriff Hopper's resemblance to Sheriff Kowalsky :)

The first season is only eight episodes and I loved the first three or four. The series is good to look at - the shots are carefully planned, the costumes and places take you back to the eighties, the narration is slow and the camera often shows the characters and their reactions, which is great because the actors do a very good performance, even the kids. I was attracted to the story right away. But now after the finale, when I think of the entire story, it feels a bit shallow and unsurprising. I know it was probably the point - I did some reading and know how much the series refers to the movies from the eighties - but one thing is to copy some characters and shots, and the other is to transform them somewhat. I always like when a trope, a line or a shot is not only taken from something else, but creatitively changed, twisted. So the story in "Stranger things" isn't its the best part and because it follows tropes and schemes I recognize despite not seeing that many 80's movies, the last episode was the least interesting one. You just know what you'll see. But I liked the kids, the sheriff, the scenery and the vibe, and after a short break, I'd give season 2 a chance.