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"The Crown"

I've just finished watching "The Crown", a series about young Elizabeth II. Minor spoilers (it's not like the series has any twists).

It was an interesting watch. The creators clearly tried to tell us the monarchy is important in the UK, but to me, they only showed how ridiculous the whole idea is. It's said over and over that the queen doesn't have any power. She doesn't rule - she's only being informed what the government decides - and she can't even make the cabinet let her live where she wants. We see how unhappy she becomes, torn between idiotic rules called tradition and her own family. She always puts "the crown" first and destroys almost all her relationships. The dialogues, music and everything tells me I'm supposed to feel sorry for her, but why? It's not like she does something important for the country.

And yet the writers try to convince us Elizabeth is a victim. Why is abdication called "betrayal" and why is king George's brother presented as a greedy, selfish villain, while he just wanted to marry a person he loved? Princess Margaret has a right to expect Elizabeth does her part of a deal after she kept hers. And my favourite Phillip (played by Matt Smith) is a perfect father, puts up with all rules and does his duties, yet the royal family is still not happy because he goes to parties from time to time. And he's not interested in horses like Elizabeth, which is apparently a crime. Can someone please explain why the queen spends an entire episodes with horses, but after she becomes a queen, has no interest in her children?

Few times it is said that her power comes from God and she's there to represent the ideals, morals, blah blah blah. Does anyone believe it? You're not saying the queen actually believes it? If there were some scenes that show the queen doing some charity work or anything that makes a change, it would make Elizabeth a celebrity that uses her fame to do something good, but she's not even that. There's no point of monarchy and Phillip is the only one who calls the whole thing "a circus".

"The Crown" is said to have cost over 100 million pounds (which makes the budget 10 million pounds per episode), yet half of events haven't been filmed and we see the original footage on tv with other characters. Maybe they could, I don't know, make the costumes and interiors a bit cheaper (I'm assuming this is what cost a fortune, since there are no special effects), but show us the coronation the queen was preparing for the entire episode? I really think we can cope with cheaper sofas and add some luxury in our heads.

Their marriage is my favourite topic. They seem so happy together when the series begins. And then...

I'm complaining a lot, but it's not like I didn't enjoy watching. On the contrary, it was fascinating how quickly I stopped agreeing with the writers who were very clear about their sympathies. Churchill might be, well, Churchill, but even he can't rule the country if he can't get out of his bed, and the fact that one ill man finally gave the power to another ill man is a bit amusing. I was rooting for Margaret, a straightforward person who knew what she wanted. She had that spark Elizabeth lacked. I liked Edward. I could walk with Elizabeth's mother through Scottish hills forever. And I certainly could marry Phillip. I wouldn't need a second bedroom if I was Elizabeth.


Feb. 5th, 2017 05:05 pm (UTC)
but it came off opposite, as the viewer asks "So what for to keep this decoration at all?"
I'm certainly asking ;) I know, money and everything.

Who cares if it's useful; sacrifice apparently matters because it's... dunno, beautiful by being sacrificing.
"It's who we are as a nation." Yes, good comparison. Still, the series didn't say "we know it's stupid, but it's who we are", but tried to justify it. What do the British really think of the monarchy and royal family?

Was it pretty to watch at least? If it had those 100 million £ sofas...
Yes, it was! Pretty dresses and uniforms, jewelry, furniture and paintings. Here are some stills:
Feb. 5th, 2017 11:04 pm (UTC)
...A lot of orders. XD But prettiest is the horse. :D