alumfelga (alumfelga) wrote,

Doctor Who series 11 trailer

We have a teaser!

Okay, it doesn't say much. But what struck me is how it is not about saving the world or the Doctor herself. We see the Doctor with the future companions's eyes, and it's ceratainly more RTD's style than Moffat's. I never liked it when the focus was directly on the Doctor. We're clearly past the "last of the Time Lords" era, and we're past the "centre of the universe" era, and in the teaser new viewers will see that the Doctor is mysterious, can play with time and likes to laugh - that's a nice starting point.

I also like how warm the light and the colours are. It was a good thing in series 10 to get rid of those dark mood of series 8 and 9, and with a new logo I can only be happy the change's doing to last.
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