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Doctor Who series 11 this-time-a-proper trailer

We have a trailer! And a look at the new sonic screwdriver! And some info from Chris! No premiere date yet, that's sad.

I don't think a spoiler warning applies here. It's Chibnall.

The trailer confirms the new series is all about new. New faces, new worlds, new friends. Again, no dramatic lines about saving the universe,  no "I am the Doctor" to reassure people (Ten, Eleven and Twelve all say it in their first series trailers), no monsters - just introducing new characters in various backgrounds. Yes, there will surely be one more trailer with the premiere date, probably with more aliens and more talking. For now, I'm glad it's still about fun. And apparently, Chris said "we have two weeks of filming yet, but I haven't seen a Dalek for now" - is it the first series without Daleks? *squee*

And since when Doctor Who looks like it was a motion picture? Okay, we had some wonderful shots earlier, but this feels like a new quality. Beautiful.

I'm still not convinced with the Doctor's costume. The coat's great, but those trousers make her look like a boy, even more when she's running. I like the new sonic, though. Eleven's sonic was big, Twelve's was ridicoulously big and both looked... well, like a plastic toy. Jodie's screwdriver is handy, and it glows yellow, which is new and looks nice.

It was also said there's going to be no two-parters. Since it's only 10 episodes this year and they'll run for 50 minutes, I think it's reasonable. I'm wondering about the finale - how big is it going to be? Will there be clues, or an arc for the entire season? I loved how everything in season 5 was connected in the finale, and the disappearing planets in season 4. On the other hand, the "hybrid" arc was a disaster (but such a great meme!).

Aaand back to waiting. Just one quote from Jodie - she's certainly the right person for this job!
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