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Few things I've watched

I finally found more boring production with David Tennant than "Spies of Warsaw"! It's called "Bad Samaritan". It's supposed to be a thriller about two bulglars who break into a wrong man's house; the man is a psycho and wants to teach them a lesson. The movie's fine for about fifteen minutes - there's suspense, disturbing music and a surprising reveal, and then... nothing. I didn't care about any character, the plot wasn't interesting at all and even David barely kept my attention. I spent the last minutes reading an article on my phone. I hope David Tennant's luck for good productions hasn't run out, as I heard "Camping" was bad, too. For now, I don't feel like finding it out myself.

On the more positive side... "Bodyguard"! A BBC series, which makes it a miniseries for the rest of the world, about a policeman who gets to protect a politician he strongly disagrees with. That's all what I'm saying about the plot, as events at least twice turned into a direction I wasn't expecting and left me saying "What?!" to the screen. You think you know all those tropes in stories about politicians, terrorists and police officers, and here comes "Bodyguard" and actually surprises you with what comes next. I think it's sometimes more difficult to do than a surprising reveal of a mystery. Tension? Look and learn, dull thrillers. Interesting, layered, well-acted characters? Here's how you do it.

And it had Richard Madden in it (I'm in a fascination phase, but it might change into becoming a proper fan). Richard Madden with his Scottish accent, I must add, which is something I'm looking for since then, and haven't found again in a film yet. I've watched "Cinderella" (he's been playing Prince Charming; I've no idea why someone thought English accent was more suitable for a fairy tale prince than a Scottish one, but I don't second that) and a series "Medici: Masters of Florence" (where he was playing an Italian in fifteenth century so it's not like he was more Italian talking English with English accent than with a Scottish one. Or was he?) and both productions are a pleasure for eye and ear (the music in "Medici" is amazing!). Not much more than that, I'm afraid, but it was good to watch them.

I'm back! I'll try to catch up with you, friends, and read, and comment. And write some more posts. And also get some new icons because seriously, I should have posted this entry minutes ago, but can't choose an icon. Oh well, what the hell-
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