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Breaking Bad - what a ride!

Spoiler to s01e03, nothing more. I'd never spoil the entire Breaking Bad to anyone.

It took me about two weeks to watch 62 forty-five minute episodes of Breaking Bad. I haven't binge-watched a tv series for a very long time, but this time, I was hooked! To have to watch one episode of seasons one, two or five per week would be like torture. This series is incredible.

As I wrote earlier, I thought Walter White, the main character, would "break bad" gradually, starting with some "light" deeds and then going darker and darker. The 'gradual' part is right, but the place he starts from surprised me - it takes only three episodes for him to commit murder.  As it turns out, there's a lot of worse things to do than kill a criminal who wants to kill you, and as we see Walter doing them and crossing more and more lines, we can wonder how much do we need to stop rooting for him. I think everyone must do it at some point. Walt becomes a cold-hearted, manipulative, selfish bastard with no value for human life. He makes an opposite journey to Dexter's, who showed more feelings as the series developed and had some moral standards from the beginning. Walt seems able to get away with everything, and it's thrilling to watch him, especially when he tricks us to think he really cares about someone and five minutes later you can't believe you bought this again. He really is bad, not that "I can kill a person, but I love a girl/my family and I was just hurt" kind of bad.

Jesse, Walt's former student he teams up with, starts as a bad person - he has done nothing with his life despite having good parents and he cooks ans sells meth. His lack of knowledge and stupid acts are often a source of humour. But in further seasons, Jesse becomes the only person who objects to killing people, isn't obsessed with power and money and has a chance to walk away from that world - if he can. That's the second big metamorphose in the series. Nothing can break Walt, but how much can Jesse take? How much can Walt do to destroy Jesse before you hate him? Jesse becomes a symbol of good and innocence, and it's an interesting choice that it's him, not Walt's innocent(?) wife and son. There's a lot to say about Walt's and Jesse's relation, and those two are perfectly written and performed.

The plot catches you from the start. There are some scenes that foreshadow events, there are cliffhangers, there's a fantastic bottle episode about catching a fly (yes, a 45-minute episode of chasing one fly) that is a character study. There are some lies and unpredictable twists. And it ends when it's still good.

I know it ended few years ago, but if someone haven't watched it yet, I recommend it.
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