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Good Omens - first photos from set!

They're filming! It's been only three days, but the photos already can form a nice folder. Here they are, collected on David Tennant Asylum, a site that makes me wish I spoke Russian and could join some brilliant discussions there. But anyway. I chose my favourite photos. Here comes Crowley! And Aziraphale, of course.Read more...Collapse )

About Harry Potter fanfiction

My favourite Harry Potter fanfic genre? Snape mentors Harry.

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Moffat's relationship tropes

If you want to understand how Steven Moffat writes relationships, watch Coupling. It is about relationships and you can see that relationships in Doctor Who, Sherlock and Jekyll (those are his shows I've watched) are exactly the same.
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19 years later is today

It's today. Today is "19 years later". Today Harry Potter ends.
The epilogue
My childhood is even more gone now than it was.

The Gryffindor scarf is knited by my sister and I bought this Oyster Card holder in June.

I almost was in London today, to see Andrew Scott in Hamlet, but I had to cancel the trip few weeks ago. I could actually go to the King's Cross on 1st September 2017! What are the odds?
It looks like someone had the same idea. Quite a few someones, actually. And she remembers, of course.

All was well. The end.
Did you know?

Community did a Doctor Who parody/tribute: a sci-fi series called Inspector Spacetime exists in that world. The Inspector travels through time and space in a telephone box. Apparently, the character played by Danny Pudi is a fan of this series, just like Danny is a fan of Doctor Who, with David Tennant being his Doctor (amazing how much you can learn from Duck Tales interviews. He's also half-Polish and knows some Polish folk dances, but it's irrelevant here). He has his own scene as the Inspector. The joke goes on. In another episode, there's a convention, and Matt Lucas plays a superfan of the Inspector. Then the American version of Inspector Spacetime is created. You could tell it's American just from the light!

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DT is going to be busy

Well, he always is, but now we know what he'll be doing next!

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Duck Tales - woo hoo!

"Duck tales" were supposed to be something I'll watch purely for David Tennant. And then episode one was released and I already adore it.

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From the Classics: The Brain of Morbius

I found this channel on dailymotion with Classic Who episodes with English subtitles. I tried one (because the episodes' titles were in German, so I half expected German dubbing instead of promised subtitles - not that I know whether the Classics have ever been released in Germany), the one called The Brain of Morbius. Beside my brain associating it with Möbius, the story is famous for claiming William Hartnell's regeneration wasn't the Doctor's first, so I wanted to watch it.

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Running through London

2017 IAAF World Championships are in London. Guess who's watching the marathon for the first time! I have a map in my laptop and everything. Suddenly a two-hour running makes slightly more sense...